E. Pluribus Unum

We are better together than apart.

BridgeNation is an upcoming software seeking to unite Americans over common values and virtues. Our hope is to use a suite of mobile, web and administrator applications that, combined with AI (Artificial Intelligence), create a rewarding social experience between political parties.

We will…

• Visibly reduce animosity among individuals belonging to opposing political groups
• Find points of commonality and understanding
• Gamify and create a rewarding social experience
• Reduce stress and anxiety


1. Users will create an account and participate in a personality quiz to categorize their group.

2. They will participate in a gamified process of problem solving essays and multiple choices questions.

3. Users will anonymously see points of agreement between themselves and opposing parties members.

4. They will be moved to a “new level” of the gamified experience through the amount of agreement points combined.

5. From there, the process will start over with new members until a comprehensive list of agreement points is built between opposing parties.

6. The final process is accepting the agreements. Once those agreements have been accepted, it becomes a “law” and all participants receive points which can increase their “level.”

7. Neutral facts, only with bipartisan media citations, can be accessed on each side of the debates.

8. Periodic assessments will be mandatory since the test model showed us that levels of political division and mental health will improve through the use of the application.

9. Ultimately, this system will be used in e-government pilots on divisive local issues

Let’s focus on what we agree on and
work from there to solve the most
critical issues facing our nation.


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